Our Plans

These plans are designed for individuals only. If you represent a company or require multi-party or multi-user wallets, please visit our business page.


Do it yourself




  • Download, install and use it. Get support from the community.


Full onboarding, set up and beneficiaries support



50€ per month or 498€ per year

Standalone Services

These services are included in our Inheritance Plan. If it suits you better, you can subscribe to the plan and access all the support you may need.

Peace of Mind Package

Get extra peace for managing your wallet.


Subscription from 5€ per month.

  • Securely store your descriptor backup, receive timely timelock refresh reminders, undergo security checkups, and receive update recommendations.
Onboarding Package

Get help in setting up your Liana wallet.


Pay once until service is complete.

  • This package is for those who want guidance to set up their Liana. Our team can do this call in English, French and Portuguese. For other languages, please reach out first!
Support Call

Speak with a member of our team.


60€ up to an hour of support.

  • Schedule a support call with our team, Wizardsardine. Whether you encounter issues or simply want to chat, feel free to join us on a call.

Safety Net

The ultimate protection against loss

Safety Net is the ultimate recovery option to your wallet, using professional custodians. This will only be activated if your other recovery options fail.

The best of both worlds: nobody but you can access your coins, it is self-custody. But if you ever lose access, after a long time of inactivity, a professional custodian will be able to recover them for you.

Safety Net

The ultimate protection against loss.

Early Access

See pricing below

Safety Net is currently an early-access product, offered only to some of our paying customers.

  • Protection against your family being unable to access their inheritance backup.

  • Protection against all your devices and backups being destroyed or lost.

Early Access Pricing:

Tier 4

Up to 1 Bitcoin

100€ per year

100€ flat fee for each recovery operation

Tier 3

Up to 10 Bitcoin

300€ per year

400€ flat fee for each recovery operation

Tier 2

Up to 100 Bitcoin

1000€ per year

1000€ flat fee for each recovery operation

Tier 1

Up to 1000 Bitcoin

Contact us for pricing

Tiers correspond to the acceptable security level taken by the provider. Higher tiers are physically and operationally more secure, they require more work for the providers to set up and access. As your wallet balance is not known by the Safety Net provider (wallet descriptor is not shared), it is technically possible to have more bitcoins on the wallet than what the tier is secured for. This results in the provider taking more risk than expected and needs to be prevented. In case of a recovery operation where the amount in the wallet is higher than the subscribed tier limit, a contractual breach fee of 10% of the excedent bitcoin stored will apply.