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Published on Wed, Nov 1, 2023 by Antoine Poinsot

Liana 3.0 release

Third version of the Liana wallet

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Screenshot of Liana home with various labels set

We just tagged the third release of Liana. This release introduces support for a new signing device, the BitBox02, as well as a labelling system. As usual, we also fixed a number of small bugs and glitches.

You can download the latest version of Liana on our webpage and inspect the detailed changelog since the previous version on our Github.

This post will cover the flagship features from this release.

BitBox02 support

Finally! After adapting our very own “HWI” to support the USB connection to the BitBox02 and making its interface less Ledger-specific, we at last integrated support for a new type of signing device in the GUI. We’d like to thanks the team at BitBox, and more specifically Benma, for working closely with us in order to make this possible.

This integration laid the groundwork for supporting more signing devices with Miniscript capability as soon as possible. Coinkite’s Coldcard and Blockstream’s Jade are next.

Picture of Kevin signing a Liana transaction using a BitBox02


It’s now possible to attach a small description to a coin, a payment, a batch of payments or an address in your Liana wallet. Technically, those correspond to labelling an outpoint, a txid or an address.

Some more or less opinionated choices were made regarding how the labels would be presented or would interact with each other. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Managed Bitcoin Core version bump

For new installations where the Liana GUI manages the local Bitcoin Core node, version 25.1 of bitcoind will now be used.

What’s next?

There is still plenty to do and choices have to be made. We want to keep rolling out support for new signing devices, as it’s a commonly requested feature. Supporting Taproot as soon as possible is also one of our priorities, although it’ll be quite an undertaking. There is also other projects we’ve been working which we should be ready to announce soon!

I’m targeting a release of a fourth version in little more than a month. Here is what we’ve planned so far. Among those there is automated coin selection (with integration in the GUI), RBF support (to bump fees or cancel an unconfirmed transactions) and more!


Keep them coming! There is plenty of good first issues to pick from on our tracker and feel free to reach out if you are interested in working on something. Feedback and bug report are also very appreciated.

For small issues and casual discussions around Liana feel free to join our Telegram group.