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Published on Mon, Jul 31, 2023 by Antoine Poinsot

Liana 1.1 release

A small patch release for Liana 1.0

We just published a small patch release for the 1.0 version of Liana. This release contains a couple fixes for glitches that users have ran into and couldn’t wait for the next version of Liana (which should be released in August).

The two glitches that have been fixed are:

  1. The GUI would sometimes fail to connect to the Specter DIY signing device. It was fixed in master in May but still hadn’t been released.
  2. We didn’t set the bitcoind watchonly wallet as to be loaded upon bitcoind startup. This could cause issues that would lead to the user having to reindex when using an aggressive pruning configuration.

Upgrading is recommended but not necessary if you are not using a Specter DIY signing device.