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Published on Fri, May 12, 2023 by Antoine Poinsot

Liana 1.0 release

Announcing the 1.0 release of Liana

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A screenshot of the homepage of Liana v1.

We just shipped the first non-beta release of Liana. This also marks the beginning of our offering around the open source wallet. Learn more at

UI and UX overhaul

For the past 4 releases we’ve been focusing on integrating new “core” features. Examples of such features include making it possible to use multisig in both the primary and recovery path, and letting users configure multiple recovery paths if needed.

For the 1.0 we’ve spent the whole release cycle working on improving the usage flows and the UI. With the help of a skilled designer, Julien Fonteneau we’ve been working on making all these cool features into a more intuitive, coherent and usable whole.

There is still plenty of niceties we’d like to have (just have a look at our issue tracker) but we consider this release to be usable by your average bitcoiner. Try it now!

Cleaner docs and distribution process

For this release we’ve also cleaned up the documentation about Liana. Our Liana web page should give a clearer conceptual description of the software and what it enables. On the other hand, the Github repository README is now focused on getting you set up.

Starting with this release, we also distribute codesigned and notarized MacOS binaries. This is required by Apple to be able to run a Mac application without going through much hassle. Necessarily this makes it so you won’t be able to reproduce this specific binary from source.


We also started getting more contributions from external people. Shout-out to @jp1ac4 who had already contributed quite a few bug fixes and features, and is now getting into more involved contributions with his latest PR (included in v1) that allows the installer to skip the signing device descriptor registration step if no hardware signer is used.

Keep them coming! Contributions in the form of feedback or bug reports are very appreciated too. For small issues and casual discussions around Liana feel free to join our Telegram group.