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Published on Tue, Feb 28, 2023 by Antoine Poinsot

Liana third release

Announcing the third release of Liana with 'hot wallet' support

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Liana signing a transaction with a hot key

We just released the third version of Liana. This is a small release shortly after the second one, in view of the Advancing Bitcoin conference. This release comes with a couple fixes and introduces “hot wallet” support: the possibility to use Liana without a hardware signing device. See the full release notes here.

If it’s the first time you hear about Liana you can find a gentle introduction to this new Bitcoin wallet in our announcement blog post.

Liana now allows one to optionally generate a 12-words BIP39 mnemonic directly in the wallet. This mnemonic will be stored in clear in a file under the mnemonics/ folder in Liana’s data directory. It can then be used to set keys when creating a new descriptor (using BIP32), or to share one or more keys when participating in the creation of a descriptor (for instance in a multisig scenario). Liana will, if a mnemonic was created during the setup, let you choose to sign a transaction using this “hot signer” by picking it from the list of signers.

This is particularly convenient for trying out the wallet on a test network (Liana supports testnet, signet and regtest) or with a small amount of coins. Different keys can be derived from this mnemonic to be used all around the descriptor. While it makes little (to no) sense for any real use, it’s quite helpful for testing. It for instance made our quick guide to try Liana much easier to follow. Check it out!

While this is helpful for trying out, we remind you that your day-to-day laptop is a poor way of generating and storing your funds. In addition, note the mnemonic is still stored unencrypted in Liana’s data directory. For any non-trivial amount of funds we strongly advise you use a hardware signing device. The Ledger and Specter DIY devices are the only ones supporting Liana at the moment.