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The ultimate protection against loss

Professional key agents who will be able to recover your funds as a last resort, should everything else fail.

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Liana Gives You:

Your Bitcoin Legacy

Pass on your monetary freedom to your loved ones, enforced by the Bitcoin network.

With Liana, you can transmit your bitcoins to your beneficiaries after your passing, without sharing your own backup mnemonic.

The Wizardsardine team can help you set up Liana, and assist your family with recovery.

Liana is the first wallet to focus on the use of Bitcoin timelocks, allowing some keys to become valid only after you stop using yours for a specified time. This is enforced by the Bitcoin network itself (smart contract) with no third-party involvement. It enables you to maintain full control and sovereignty over your bitcoins until your passing, at which point your family keys become active. The timelock "refreshes" each time you move your coins, so as long as you use the wallet regularly, your family will have no access until needed.

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Don’t lose your coins

Even if you lose your keys.

Define Multiple Recovery Options, never lose access.

Add trusted family members as recovery option, add Safety Net, or just a different mnemonic you keep safe somewhere. Or all of the above. The recovery options in Liana are timelocked, they become valid only after a long inactivity of your wallet.

The timelock enforces nobody but you can spend your bitcoins, unless you lose access for a while. Only then, the recovery options become valid. This is made possible through the use of a Bitcoin smart contract, and cannot be bypassed.

Safer Backups

Wallet backups that aren't valid until you actually need them.

Liana lets you have a backup that, if accessed, does not allow a thief to empty your wallet immediately. It leaves you time to detect the access and react, protecting your funds.

Illustration Timelocks

Until now, if someone found your mnemonic, they would get your coins. One solution is to use a passphrase, but this is just restating the problem: you either need to remember it or to back it up as well. With Liana, you can have a timelocked backup mnemonic. If someone finds it but you still use the wallet, they cannot access the funds. As long as you regularly check that your backups haven't been accessed, you funds are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liana makes use of advanced Bitcoin features to allow for more safety, and recovery options in your wallet. For the technical among you: Liana uses miniscript output descriptors, with extensive use of relative timelocks (OP_CSV).

With timelocks, your funds are safe even if someone accesses your mnemonic. As long as you detect such access (tamper evident bags), you can move your funds before any attacker can. Without timelocks: someone finds your mnemonic, game over. Another way to use liana is to have a backup with a trusted party, timelocked. This trusted party cannot touch the funds unless you lose your keys. This is better than fully trusting a custodian, while benefiting from the peace of mind that if everything goes wrong, someone can help you.

During the initial set up of the wallet, you can add your beneficiaries public keys to a timelocked path. This means the keys for your beneficiaries will become able to spend the funds but only if you stop using the wallet for the duration of the timelock. Our support team can help you set up the right wallet for your needs through our Pre-set up service, part of the Onboarding Package.

It depends on how you want to use it. One is often enough! We can help you define your exact needs through the Onboarding support package.

Yes, but we recommend using one. Having private keys on your computer cannot reasonably be considered secure to be protecting meaningful amounts of money.

Yes! Liana uses output descriptors, a recent standard for bitcoin backups. You can import your Liana wallet in Bitcoin Core, Mycitadel, and more.

Yes! Don’t forget to renew it manually if you use Bitcoin.

The Inheritance Plan includes free support for your beneficiaries.

No! All you need is their extended public key, that they can give you remotely.

Not if you do not share the output descriptor with them. But make sure they can access the output descriptor when the time comes, as it is necessary to access the coins. We can keep a copy of your output descriptor and provide it to your beneficiaries through the Inheritance Plan.

Liana is a self-custody wallet: your keys, your coins. But contrary to other wallets, Liana lets you have recovery options such as Safety Net, to have the safety of a professional backup, in case all else fails.

The Wizardsardine team is available to provide support, if you subscribe to the Inheritance Plan. Another option is to set up a Safety Net, where an ultimate recovery option is added in case your family loses their keys.

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