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Your Bitcoin Legacy

Pass on your monetary freedom to your loved ones, enforced by the Bitcoin network.

With Liana, you can safely bequeath your assets to your beneficiaries after you pass away, without having to share your own mnemonic, nor have to rely on a third party.

Liana is the first wallet to focus on the use of Bitcoin timelocks, to allow some keys to become valid only after you stop using yours for some time. This is enforced by the Bitcoin network itself (smart contract), no third party! This allows you to retain full control and sovereignty of your bitcoins until you pass away, when your family keys then become active. The timelock “refreshes” every time you move your coins, as long as you use the wallet regularly your family will have no access.

Get more with our support subscriptions:

Liana Premium Package: our support team helps you define the right rules for the wallet, set it up and even helps your beneficiaries recover the funds when needed.

Liana Standard Package: our team regularly check the timelock and remind you to refresh them, checks the sanity of your wallet rules and help you perform security checks.

Safer Backups:

never lose access to your bitcoins again

Liana lets you have timelocked backups. Even if someone finds it, you funds are safe as long as you detect the access in time.

You can also give a recovery backup to a trusted party: they won't have any access to your funds unless you lose your keys!

Today, we estimate that 4 million bitcoins are lost, around 20% of the supply. Liana is built to make you sleep better at night, knowing that your funds are safe even in case of catastrophic failure.

Liana uses timelocks that can be used to secure paper backups: even if someone finds your recovery mnemonic, they can’t steal your funds before the timelock expires. Regular checks of backups are necessary to detect tampering, but this is strictly better than the current situation when if someone finds your mnemonic, your funds are gone.

A third party can be used to recover your funds in case of catastrophic failure. This could be a trusted family member, or a trusted company, or even a multisig of multiple independent parties!

You can also combine multiple timelocks, some controlled by you, and some futher down controlled by third parties in case you lost all backups, including recovery ones. Possibilities are endless.

Safer business multisig with recovery features

Decaying multisig, catastrophic failure recovery, employee rotation and more. Liana is extremely customizable and let’s you deploy safer solutions that the common 2-of-3 or 3-of-5 multisig options.

The Wizardsardine team can help you design the right policies for your organization, deploy the wallet safely and provide the technical support your team may need. We can also customize Liana to your specific needs, integrate it with your existing infrastructure, and more.

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Our Plans

These plans are for individuals only. For company and other multi-party or multi-user wallets, contact us for advanced and bespoke plans.

No Plan

Do it yourself



  • Open source, simple everyday bitcoin wallet connected to your own full node
  • Recovery key with on-chain timelock
  • Inheritance path only accessible after timelock
  • Multi-signature and multi-party capable
  • Community support
  • Technical support

Support and security checks



20€ per month or 199.20€ per year

  • Everything in the free Liana version.
  • Pre-set up
  • 1-on-1 set up
  • Sanity check
  • Descriptor backup
  • Timelock refresh reminder
  • Regular security checks
  • Technical support
  • Recovery support for named beneficiaries
  • Yearly tamper evident bag delivery
  • 3rd party recovery key
    Coming soon
Premium concierge

On boarding, set up and beneficiaries support



50€ per month or 498€ per year

  • Everything in the free Liana version.
  • Pre-set up
  • 1-on-1 set up
  • Sanity check
  • Descriptor backup
  • Timelock refresh reminder
  • Regular security checks
  • Technical support (including calls)
  • Recovery support for named beneficiaries
  • Yearly tamper evident bag delivery
  • 3rd party recovery key
    Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Liana makes use of advanced Bitcoin features to allow for more safety, and recovery options in your wallet. For the technical among you: Liana uses miniscript output descriptors, with extensive use of relative timelocks (OP_CSV).

With timelocks, your funds are safe even if someone accesses your mnemonic. As long as you detect such access (tamper evident bags), you can move your funds before any attacker can. Without timelocks: someone finds your mnemonic, game over. Another way to use liana is to have a backup with a trusted party, timelocked. This trusted party cannot touch the funds unless you lose your keys. This is better than fully trusting a custodian, while benefiting from the peace of mind that if everything goes wrong, someone can help you.

During the initial set up of the wallet, you can add your beneficiaries public keys to a timelocked path. This means the keys for your beneficiaries will become able to spend the funds but only if you stop using the wallet for the duration of the timelock. Our support team can help you set up the right wallet for your needs through our Pre-set up service, part of the Premium Package.

It depends on how you want to use it. One is often enough! We can help you define your exact needs through the Premium support package.

Yes, but we recommend using one. Having private keys on your computer cannot reasonably be considered secure to be protecting meaningful amounts of money.

Yes! Liana uses output descriptors, a recent standard for bitcoin backups. You can import your Liana wallet in Bitcoin Core, Mycitadel, and more.

Yes! Don’t forget to renew it manually if you use Bitcoin.

The Premium Package includes free support for your beneficiaries.

No! All you need is their extended public key, that they can give you remotely.

Not if you do not share the output descriptor with them. But make sure they can access the output descriptor when the time comes, as it is necessary to access the coins. We can keep a copy of your output descriptor and provide it to your beneficiaries through the Premium Package.

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