Wizardsardine is a team of Bitcoiners with a passion for security.

We are an international team, incorporated in 2020 and headquartered in the Azores, Portugal. The individuals in our team have many years of experience in Bitcoin and have contributed to the ecosystem through open source code contributions, knowledge sharing, event organization, the occasional Twitter flamewar and more.

we believe in




We focus on Safety:
protection against theft and loss.

Our mission is to make bitcoiners sleep better at night, through better protocols, software, processes, user experience and services.

Our team

Kevin Loaec


Technologist but not a dev, adversarial thinker who thinks everything is broken. Believes freedom of the individual is paramount.

Antoine Poinsot


Bitcoin contributor who loves advanced scripts but not broken ones. Wants to become a Greek philosopher when he retires.

Edouard Paris

Senior DEV

Was into Go, now is into Rust. Kinda like Mario, his goal is to exterminate all mushrooms.

Jacob Swambo

Research & DEV

PhD extraordinaire, he loves bitcoin custody solutions so much he decided to write a thesis on it.

Maria Monteiro

Executive Assistant

She gets all the things done at Wizardsardine, is our shadowy super not-a-coder.